Let's Shop Black This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is here! It is time to shop for all of those gifts for your loved ones and yourself. I don’t know about you, but i absolutely adore this holiday season. I love decorating, putting together my Christmas tree, hanging my wreath, listening to Mariah Carey on repeat, and watching all of the Christmas movies (from Elf to cheesy

Hallmark movies). This time of year brings me great joy and puts me in the giving spirit. One way I think i’ll exercise that is by purchasing some of my gifts from black-owned businesses this year.

This is the perfect time to support some of your favorite Black-owned brands. The holiday shopping season is the time of the year where a lot of businesses finally shift into the black and start to see a solid profit. Let’s help some Black businesses see big profits this year by purchasing from them. 

If you’ve already made your list and you know who you want to buy a new perfume for and who was getting some lovely candle set, then you can choose one of these 10 Black-owned brands to purchase those great products from and put money into the Black community. 

Here’s a list of some great Black-owned businesses you can shop now and get some solid finds for this year’s gift-giving festivities. Go ahead, break out that card, and spend that money with a Black-owned brand! 

  1. Tabahani Fragrances - perfume company that centers Godliness and accentuates the beautiful aroma of the wearer with a fragrance inspired by the spirit of God.
  2. Twelve AM Co - shoe store that sells everything from that super sleek and sexy heel to comfortable fuzzy slippers that you can sashay around the house in all winter long
  3. Pretty Honest Candle Co - soy-based candle company that creates candles that are fragrant and fills a room with its beautiful aroma.
  4. FKSP - clothing brand that creates the perfect jumpsuit and dress that accentuates the silhouette of a woman perfectly as she builds a unique collection that is stunning and graceful.
  5. BLK MKT Vintage - shop that gives a nod to Black history by selling novelties and collectibles from days past with dope vintage pieces like a protests pins from the 60s and autographed books by your favorite Black writers. 
  6. Culture Tags - the perfect game for the board game player in your life. This game focuses on the uniqueness of Black vernacaular and how simple letters put together can form a phrase that most Black people can readily identify.
  7. Banneker Watches - beautiful watches for the men in your life who styles themselves as a Classic Man. Who doesn’t love a nice timepiece on their arm? 
  8. McBride Sisters Collection - For your favorite wine lovers, buy a bottle of their favorite blend as a holiday gift. A good glass of wine can go a long way in these COVID times.
  9. Pyer Moss - this one is for the fashion-focused friend who loves a good hoodie or graphic pants. 
  10. The Lit Bar - you know you have some book lovers in your circle. Buy them a new book from a Black-owned bookstore.

There are so many more great brands out there you can support so find all of those holiday gifts and support Black businesses along the way.

Also, support some latinx, indigenous, and other POC businesses while you’re at it! 

Happy Holidays!


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